Watch Lola Cola’s “Bad Girlfriend”

watch the newcomer’s new video

by Taj Reed

Who said that your special day meant you were entitled to something special? Whoever it was hadn’t listened to Lola Coca’s debut track “Bad Girlfriend.” The hip-pop newcomer delivers her anti-coital message with punchy lyricism and plenty of sass in this exclusive video premiere.

A fresh voice for pop music's colorful scene, Lola is the perfect harmony of Megan Fox and Meghan Trainor (leave, everything you hate about the two) with cat-eyed sultriness and a provocative, boom-bap sound born from her love of 90’s ska and hip-hop. “Bad Girlfriend” is the first official video off of Lola’s forthcoming project, but she already seems outfitted for the next spot in a long line of UK-bred popstresses whose music burgeons stateside. 

“For all the bad boyfriends I’ve ever had,” revealed Lola, “and, for all of the boys I have been a bad girlfriend to, this one’s for you.”

Check out the video below and download “Bad Girlfriend” on iTunes.