they do the sun dance, don’t you know?

by faran krentcil

Overheard backstage at the Topshop Unique show in London today:

1) "Do you spell 'Hieroglyphics' with a y?"

2) "Does that gold leaf come out of your hair?"

3) "Aren't these the easiest shoes we've had to walk in all season?"

4) "Did you just paint those Egyptian symbols on your nails with Topshop polish?"

5) "Is that a dog sitting behind Anna Wintour?"

6) "Can we really buy everything we just saw on the runway?"

7) "Is it okay if I want every single thing, even the beetle-print clutch?"

8) "Is it possible to be in love with a metallic pink skirt? Like, what if I dump my boyfriend for that metallic pink skirt? Because I might."

The answers, by the way, are 1) No, it's an "ie." 2) Charlotte Free hopes it doesn't because she wants gold hair when she goes clubbing tonight. 3) Haven't worn the shoes yet, but yeah, platform creeper sandals are pretty awesome. 4) Yes, literally just grab four bottles of Topshop nail varnish and make funky Egyptian shapes on your manicure. 5) Yes, see the NYLON Instagram for a closeup. 6) In February, it'll all be available in Topshop stores and online. 7) Especially the beetle-print clutch. Duh. 8) We actually broke up with our boyfriend, via international text message, specifically for that pink print skirt. So yeah, it's okay. It's great, actually. And now, the clothes...

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Our newest NYLON TV star, Kelly Mittendorf, opened the Topshop show. "It's my first time in Europe and my first time opening a show!" said the 17-year-old Arizona native.

Bambi Norwood-Blythe with her Topshop Egyptian manicure.

Topshop shoes.

Charlotte Free does her best Elvis impersonation.

The pink skirt we would stop the world to get.

Charlotte in action.