editor’s pick: hair us roar!

a new club for subway rebels—you in?

There are some rules on the subway that, while unspoken, everyone just knows to follow.

1. No purses on the bench

2. If any part of you touches any part of me, look away and pretend it never happened

3. Don't stare directly at the person across from you (or just don't get caught)

They've been so ingrained in me that I admittedly shocked myself when I broke one this morning:

The heat and humidity does crazy things to my Carrie Bradshaw-esque hair, where there's no use in even trying to tame it. So picture me on the subway, hair all over, when I quickly turn to get out of the way and end up accidentally hitting the man next to me in the face. What should I have done? Followed rule #2 and pretended that it never happened. What I actually did? Looked him square in the eye and I thought, "Long hair, don't care."

I'm still not sure what got into me, but I'm not going to lie: I kind of like it. So, world, I'm starting a club for subway rule-breakers and rebels, comprised of chicks with long hair who just don't care. And because all clubs need a uniform, I've found ours in this Long Hair Don't Care sweatshirt from Luncchboxx Clothing. Now who's with me?!