an exclusive peek at the new spring line.

by ray siegel

Since Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson's line launched, it's made it to every editor's watch list. Not only is it seasonless and easy to wear, but it's a different way to rock the relaxed vibe when you're not in the mood for the old trusty t-shirt line.

We have the exclusive to their new spring lookbook shot by Jason Eric Hardwick in his Brooklyn studio along with the details from the girls.

What was the plan for this season?

We wanted to create a collection loosely based on one fabrication. Not denim, tees or knitwear, we wanted to create our own yarn-dye woven fabric. A fabric that could lead many lives, and tell many stories. We wanted to create effortless clothes where the fabric could speak for itself.—Cary Vaughan

What was the look you were going for?

Simple and effortless.—Jenna Wilson

What inspired the collection?

Each season we further explore our yarn-dye woven medium. Our fabrics are really the highlight; we are constantly developing new loom techniques and playing around with textures.—CV

Were there any specific references you had in mind while putting together the collection?

Our textile story this season reinvents stripes in ways both whimsical and unexpected as well as authentic and orderly. Highly textured yarns, metallics and jolts of shocking hues are introduced into our array of soft-hand cloth made of natural fibers. A range of illuminating colors sourced from land and sea saturate the fabric: mineral blues, fragments of quartz, bright sun-shades, and white-hot sands.—JW   

Was there a different direction you wanted to go in this season or did you aim to keep your aesthetic consistent?

Our aesthetic is pretty focused on our custom textiles, which helps us reel in all of our ideas! Our silhouettes remain effortless and timeless, but our items are unique and we hope they become your closet staples.—CV

Are you working on new projects?

Some collabs in the pipeline! We're working on fall '13 fabric development, which is a long yet rewarding process!—JW

Will the line be sold in any new stores this spring? 

Ten Over Six in LA, Frances May in Portland, OR, Founders and Followers, Spick and Span in Tokyo, and Whistles in Australia.—CV