shopping is no longer a spectator sport.

by faran krentcil

Alexander Wang's upcoming 2012 collection was a literal ode to sports, with cloth cribbed from athletic jerseys and turned into evening wear, and patterns based seat-for-seat on the audience plan of a football stadium.

For that tricky season called "resort" (otherwise known as "why are there bathing suits on sale in December?"), Wang continues his exploration of women as urban athletes with sculpted windbreakers, tailored sweatpants, and plastic zippers seaming together with otherwise luxury items.

Here are some of our favorite pieces, which you can wear with heels, boots, or sneakers.  (Arguably the best perk of a collection based entirely on kinetic energy.)

The collection hits stores now, but if it's anything like past Wang offerings, it'll sell out in a matter of hours.  In which case, your plan b could be Stella McCartney x Adidas, who's also embraced the holiday season with a series of "I can bike in this, too" staples.