lookbook: bing bang

get ready to get obsessed.

by steff yotka

It's time to up your jewelry game with the new pre-fall collection from Bing Bang. Did we mention that it's oh-so-conveniently launching in the NYLON shop right now? Bing Bang's latest consists of fine metal pieces adorned with smiley faces, lightning bolts, and organic shapes. The pieces look great when layered on top of each other, just like how they are worn in the lookbook shot and styled by Moses Moreno. "The styling was all about being present in 2013," said Moses. "I wanted to show a girl who we can all relate to in some ways; one day she's about being a little more girly, but other days it's leather pants or denim cut-offs." That probably sounds familiar, since we here at NYLON experience the girly-to-goth conversion on a daily, if not hourly, basis.

The massive versatility of Bing Bang's pieces is thanks to designer Anna Sheffield, whose background in blacksmithing adds a sculptural feel to each item. Sheffield wasn't tied down to a specific idea or muse for the pre-fall line; she instead looked to the diverse energy of her city's streets to figure out what girls want. "I love New York City and the street style here, which is just so varied and amazing, and often over the top," Sheffield told us. "I hope each and every girl wears Bing Bang in their own way, filtered through her personal style, which is an art. I love seeing Bing Bang muses doing what they do with the jewels." We're all about jewelry that lets you shine through, so be sure to head to the NYLON shop and get clicking.