hook yourself onto the daisy chain…

by faran krentcil

The fashion rules of Insight are simple and consistent:

Take a breathable fabric, print it with already-faded paisley or floral (or anything, really, that could have been 1970s motor home upholstery), pair with shredded denim, and photograph it in the lingering afternoon sun.

The upcoming 2012 season is no exception, with dip-dyed violet denim, embroidered jean collars, and little white dresses all par for the hippies-at-a-concert course. But we were a little startled to see a faded galaxy print on a high-waisted pinup cut swimsuit, which looked less like standard Insight fare, and more like Christopher Kane's little sister hiding out in her friend's station wagon.  Guess even Coachella campers can read British Vogue, huh?