hello california cuteness.

by faran krentcil

The Joyrich showroom is in a part of West Hollywood covered in graffiti. Not just random slashes of spray paint, either - the good stuff. They're sandwiched in between some Mr. Brainwash staples ("LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL" and the Jolly Green Giant), a few Space Invader tiles, a lot of Obey Giant stickers, and one Banksy which they've stashed in their garage and claim is fake. (It might be, but as with everything Banksy, it's kind of tough to call.) Even their dumpster is a work of art, co-opted by Thank You, Andy, and stamped with a giant portrait of Mr. Warhol.

With all the street art surrounding them, it's no wonder the Joyrich aesthetic is very bright, very graphic, and shaped for the artists it sees every day: skinny leggings, big sweaters, and hoodies for hiding are all part of the load, as are sparkled sneakers and flip flops with Keith Haring graphics.

Their Fall 2011 collection is just starting to get some attention - here are our favorite looks.