yes, my bag looks like a sting ray. why do you ask?

by alexandra hoffman

If a python Jane Clutch has ever passed you at dimly lit bar, or if you can recall Agyness Deyn sporting her cobalt blue Kate Bag in Soho, you've probably reacted similarly to us: definitely chic, but not quite avant-garde. So here's the question: why is Katherine Fleming's namesake label frequently dubbed the future of the luxury handbag?

For Fleming, the answer is rethinking the meaning of fashion-forward.  Launching her line just two years ago, she's proven contemporary fashion can be the best of history repeating itself… with a few exceptional alterations.

For Spring, the new collection combines Fleming's feminine elegance with her latest inspiration: sea life.  All the usual suspects have returned (the Kate, the Mini-Kate, the Hobo, etc.), but they're each wearing new skins (our favorites: the somewhat metallic “Goldfish Python” and the two-tone  “Clownfish Watersnake”). 

With fans like Agyness and the Proenza Schouler boys, we fear the waitlists at Opening Ceremony and Barney's might reach the triple digits.