dream of californication….

by liza darwin

California kids have it made. They've got beautiful beaches, awesome fish tacos, and weather that holds fairly constant throughout the year. In fact, the average winter temperatures in the Quiksilver headquarters of Huntington Beach, CA is a totally manageable 50 degrees. Normally we'd be super jealous of all this, but luckily Quiksilver has us covered- even if we're not out West.

For its latest lookbook, the surfer girl brand showed an easy, breezy lesson in cool-weather dressing. These Navajo blanket sweaters, bold printed silk dresses, and denim jackets will work great in the fall. But this summer, we're going to take their lead by layering these pieces for those inevitable chilly nights and let our California clothes envy subside for now.

The fish tacos, on the other hand....