mae whitman channels wednesday addams!

by liza darwin

Ever since Christina Ricci first adopted her deadpan expression in the 1991 flick Addams Family Values, we've always been a bit in awe of Wednesday Addams. She's creepy, gothy-cool, and raises spiders as pets. Seriously, not many kids can top that.

But thanks to Rachel Antonoff we don't have to take up residence in a haunted house (or even deal with her scary family) in order to take cues from the Addams family daughter. The New York designer looked to this dark heroine to give her Spring collection of lace dresses and girly rompers a witchy- but still pretty- twist.

Parenthood's Mae Whitman takes on the trademark stonefaced stare in the new lookbook, playing a Wednesday-inspired lockin stuck home alone with a closet of Antonoff's high-waisted shorts, polka dots, and Peter Pan collars. There's enough cute clothes to play dress up for days, from hats all the way down to Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff oxford shoes.

Check out the collection below...but unlike Wednesday, don't be afraid to smile while you wear it.