join the cabaret of well-dressed characters.

by ali hoffman

Though it doesn't hit theaters till May 10th, Baz Lurman's The Great Gatsby has already made a significant impact on our daily playlists. And apparently the flick's about to infiltrate your closet too.

Enter Samantha Pleet's fall '13 collection, which finds subtle inspiration in the progressive looks of the early 20th century styles. "It was a time of new beginnings and experimentation," says the NY-based designer of the range. "The clothes are influenced by a cabaret of characters from harlequins, to artists, and dreamers. There are unique silhouettes with special details, adding depth to the pieces, such as hand-cut fringe trim, playing card embroidery, and a painterly watercolor print."

The result is a stunning collection that looks both romantic and feminine, without being too girly. And though we women of today aren't breaking away from the constricting wares of the Victorian era, we wouldn't mind showing up to an art opening or birthday dinner donning pretty much any look from this collection.