i can haz taylor warren wearing pretty jewelry?

by rebecca willa davis

Cats have been cool ever since Miu Miu went meow-meow, but some people take their feline infatuation to the next level--like The 2 Bandits lookbook model (and NYLON cover star) Taylor Warren. "While we were shooting at this guy's great property I went inside and saw his son playing with a kitten. Anyone that knows Taylor knows that she's obsessed with cats, so I asked him to bring the tiny kitty out and Taylor legit freaked out," remembers The 2 Bandits designer Tamar Wider. "I knew about her kitty obsession, but to see it come to life…blew my mind." The ensuing photos made it into the lookbook for the jewelry line's latest collection, which officially launches tomorrow, but there is lots to love about the striking pieces from the San Francisco-based brand.

The inspiration for the necklaces, cuffs, earrings, and rings came from Wider's boyfriend's carnival-themed restaurant, Straw. "We are always ordering fun vintage games, and I got reacquainted with pick-up sticks. At first I took the element of the sticks and made it fashion-forward by including unique shapes and stone settings," the designers explains, adding, "Then, I really started digging different types of sticks, like matchsticks." As is fitting of a Texas native (Wider describes her creative process as "go big or go home"), each piece works as well on its own as it does stacked, paired, or layered. It's a natural extension of the initial idea behind The 2 Bandits--the line launched in 2008 with boot accessories, before undergoing a, as Wider puts it, "brand rebirth in 2011, when I started thinking about lifestyles rather than literal things." So the lifestyle we recommend when wearing one of her leather bracelets or tie necklaces? Just like Wider and Warren did, head out to Russian River--or some other equally low-key spot so you "can be outdoors, but also have that glamping vibe."

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