grunge baby clothes for your inner wild child.

by liza darwin

As fun as it is, Eric Espinoza knows that you just can't take fashion too seriously. After all, the founder of the LA brand UNIF named his collection of casual basics after the cheeky acronym, "Ur Not In Fashion," which he jokingly coined one late night several years ago (just take a look at the company's blog if you have any doubts).

And clearly cool girls everywhere agree. Each season we can expect to find playful takes on streetwear, from graphic crop tops to fringed blouses to ripped denim. And while it's tempting to dismiss the brand with the reasoning that most of these items are already in your own closet, don't. With their quirky cuts and funky patterns, UNIF wants to make sure you don't look like every other girl on the street.

For their Summer/Fall collection, the brand looked to '90s grunge. Think vintage-inspired sheer skirts, worn tees, and disty florals for an "Alexander Wang meets Charlotte Ronson in the parking lot after school" sort of vibe (Ke$ha need not apply). And because this season marks their foray into pants, this is perfect outdoor concert apparel that's guaranteed to carry you all the way through Fall.

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