for spring, it’s all in the details.

by rebecca willa davis

There's no denying that fast fashion has established itself as a shopping destination. But not all $20 tops are made equal--as anyone who has ever had a dress fall apart after a few washes can attest to. So what's the key to smart fast fashion shopping? It's all in the details--which is why we're all over the Mango spring '13 lookbook.

Denim shorts aren't plain old indigo; instead, they have a floral pattern printed by the pockets. A khaki vest? That's got leather detailing. As for those white pants--they actually have a really subtle paisley up and down the leg. It's the sorts of things that make you do a double-take--and leads to reactions of, "Wait, what?!" when you tell your friend that no, that dress isn't Phillip Lim, it's Mango.

While you wait for the spring items to land in stores, shop their holiday collection here. Or get some more spring '13 inspiration with lookbooks from Opening Ceremony, Gap, and Ace & Jig.