Trace The Arc Of A Breakup With Loose Buttons’ New Video

“Am I the Only Reason” is an ethereal experience

by Grant Rindner

A lot more emotions go into a breakup than just sadness, which is something that Loose Buttons absolutely nails on their track “Am I the Only Reason” and continues to reinforce in their brand-new video. The record is melancholy, but also hazy, probing, droll, and rebellious in equal measure. It begins with gorgeous, surrealist vocal harmonies and a steady stream of ticking bass and serene, sweeping guitar, but the energy begins to ratchet up before a raucous guitar solo brings the track to its apex.

“Am I the Only Reason” has a little early Local Natives in its dreaminess, a hint of Salad Days-era Mac DeMarco with the lilting guitar, and the candor of a band like Mothers. It’s a potent indie rock mix that is sure to have a lingering impact on anyone who has ever realized that their initial autopsy of a relationship missed the mark. 

“When I was younger, I had a knack for blaming the demise of my relationships on the other person. I always had trouble accepting any sort of responsibility when those situations would arise,” says lead singer Eric Nizgretsky. “At the end of my last relationship, I finally asked the question: Am I the main reason this relationship didn’t work out?”

The song’s emotional arc is compelling enough that the video’s director, Joshua Aronson, knew that he needed to capture the band performing it in their element. The no-frills approach meshes beautifully with the weighty, yet undeniably pretty record. 

“It wasn't about telling a story—it was about throwing a party. Allowing life to happen, turning on our camera, and letting it roll,” said Joshua Aronson. “The moment I saw the band let loose and just be, I knew we had something. I'm an advocate of simplicity–simplicity can be astonishing.”

Watch the video, below, and don’t be surprised if a lot more than just the ethereal melody lingers in your brain.