photo by andrew whitton


lorde plus diplo….

equals the coolest remix ever?

by liza darwin

Lorde and Diplo might be the music industry's oddest BFF couple judging from their age difference alone--the DJ is 35 to the pop star's 17--but as anyone who follows the twosome on Instagram knows, these guys are close. Like, play Jenga together close. Or go snorkeling in New Zealand close. And while we'd hoped this friendship might lead to some new music, that hasn't really happened...until now.

Just an hour ago Diplo posted a remix of Lorde's hit "Tennis Court" under the brilliantly funny guise of "Diplo's Andre Agassi Reebok Pump Mix." So what happens, exactly, when you take the slow-burning, chill Pure Heroine jam and infuse it with Diplo's late-night EDM vibe?

A snappy backbone, tripped-out electronica, and enough lush, shadowy melodies to remind us of the original's smoky haze. It's a sped-up, uber-hyped twist on the ubiquitous  track, and just when you thought you'd finally moved on, the springtime anthem gets a second life. So before it blows up nightclubs and house parties everywhere--because let's be real, it will-- listen to Diplo's "Tennis Court" remix here.

P.S. What are we going to call them? Diplorde? Lordiplo? Let us know in the comments!