Lorde Nirvana

watch lorde cover nirvana!

by liza darwin

Taking the whole "smells like teen spirit" thing to the next very literal level, Lorde performed with Nirvana last night at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. Obviously her rendition of "All Apologies" was rad, but her pale pink suit? That comes in a close second for sure. Watch her performance, as well as Joan Jett's, below! (NY Daily News)

Dear Kiernan Shipka, how did you get to be so cool? The teenager talks about fashion, Mad Men, why she can't promise Sally Draper won't break our hearts in this profile for Vanity Fair. Read it here and get ready for your girl crush to be amplified. (Vanity Fair

A "selfie" mirror exists, you guys. Apparently once you pose in front of it, the reflective surface takes your photo and automatically posts it to Twitter. Awesome or awful? We're leaning toward the latter. (Mashable)

Want to get hair like an Olsen? Just take it from Mary-Kate and Ashley themselves. The twins, along with their longtime hairstylist Mark Townsend, shared their secrets, and here's what we learned: they don't blowdry, they love Dove Dry Shampoo, and while Ashley is growing her hair out, MK is obsessed with the sleek, short looks that've been all over the runway. (Byrdie

OK, even though we hope she'll never leave the big screen, Kristen Wiig might have a career in music. The funny lady lent her vocals to the new track by Little Joy's Rodrigo Amarante. She joined Fabrizio Moretti, Adam Green, Devendra Banhart, and Josiah Steinbrick in "Tardei," which you can tune out to here. (Soundcloud)

Fate, science, and love collide in I Origins, the new movie from Brit Marling. Co-starring Michael Pitt (in glasses!) and Astrid Berges-Frisbey, you'd better add this romance-thriller to your must-see list stat. (IndieWire)