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Lorde’s Original Dream Job Will Make You Laugh

nope, not a monkey wrangler

Like so many of the youngs, ancient musical Earth priestess Lorde Tumblrs, and being the sweet, giving ancient musical Earth priestess she is, she recently spent time on it answering questions from her adoring fans. One A to a Q in particular caught the eye of MTV and, subsequently, us. Check it out.

That’s right, your super serious-faced Kiwi pal wanted to be a comedian. While she’s always had a dry wit, that fact in and of itself gives us a little chuckle. Would she be able to pull it off? Maybe (deadpan is a legit comedy strategy). But we like her just where she is.

Lorde also held forth on her amazing crown of curly hair:

Expecting too much of yourself:

And her next album:

Ooo—we can't wait. (Via MTV)