The ‘Love Actually’ Sequel Has A Trailer Now

It’s safe to get excited now

News broke last month that the oft-beloved holiday movie Love Actually is getting a sequel of sorts. Creator Richard Curtis assured us that many of our favorite cast members were returning for the 10-minute special, and today we get a glimpse of just who will be making an appearance. Also, who managed to retain their looks from 14 years ago.

In the short clip, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mr. Bean (we never did get his real name), Keira Knightley, Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant, Andrew Lincoln, and others recreate Lincoln’s iconic scene from the film in which he professes his love. “On Red Nose Day, we’ll meet again in—Red Nose Day Actually (because on Red Nose Day unexpected things happen),” the cards read. “Tune in to see what happened to everyone. And, amongst other things, which one of us has aged best.”

Spoiler: It’s definitely not Grant. It might be Neeson but, who are we kidding, it has to be Knightley. Right? Either way, we’ll be able to see them all in their present-day glory in a couple of months when NBC’s Red Nose Day Special airs May 25. U.K. dwellers, though, only have to wait until Friday. All are welcome to watch the trailer now, above.