love is paint

liquid makeup for some serious (and artistic) summer fun.

by faran krentcil

As a kid, we lived for face paint, and the cool and ticklish brush that would apply hearts, flowers, and butterflies all over our cheeks and foreheads.

Now we live for eyeliner, but sometimes, we miss that "Draw a star on my neck!" brand of summer fun.

Makeup Forever must be nostalgic, too, because they've created a product called Aquarelle that's basically "adult face paint." Available in thirteen colors, including pearl white, black, and many ROY G BIV shades in between, the stuff is extremely high pigment, and can be used like a liquid eyeliner - or for more experimental looks.

Just in case you want to try wearing a tiny flower on your cheek, to match your floral Ray-Bans...

$20 each at Sephora