Love Rosie Lily Collins

lily collins, suki waterhouse, sam claflin, and one massive problem.

by liza darwin

After watching a couple of sneak peeks of Love, Rosie— and getting a preview of Lily Collins' British accent— another trailer for the new rom-com has arrived. And this time, we can get some context into what's really going on in this coming-of-age story.

Collins stars as the title character, who has been best friends with Alex (Sam Claflin) for practically forever. But when a friendship turns into a kinda-sorta romance, things get seriously complicated. Especially once Rosie decides to date another guy over...and becomes pregnant.

If it weren't already obvious that this is the type of flick you need to see in theaters with all your girlfriends, the clip below should do the trick. Watch it here, and stay tuned for the film's release date! (Fingers crossed it's soon...)