sebastian’s new model has a thing for heavy metals.

by faran krentcil

When it comes to courting It Girls, few have been as aggressive as Sebastian Professional Haircare. Like a rich girl searching for cafeteria cred, the brand has scoured the coolest parties and fashion shows, plucking muses for their campaigns the way The Cobrasnake chooses teenagers for his website.

They've already worked with Cory Kennedy, Charlotte Ronson, and Becka Diamond.  Now they've got a brand new face: Pamela Love.

The downtown jewelry designer is famed for her silver, gold, and iron casts of claws, skulls, and magic symbols, and for her fans like Alexander Wang and Mary-Kate Olsen.  But she's also an elfin beauty, and showing off her stuff in Sebastian's latest push.

Check out her first two ads below, and also her favorite products - Sebastian's no-holds-barred Shaper Sprays.  If her air-up-there hair is any indication, the tough and chic designer may have finally met her match...