Meet The Must-Try Brow Pencils Of The Summer

    M.A.C brings us the sweetest shades of pastel

    by · May 31, 2016

    I’m definitely no stranger to colorful hair. My head has been pretty much every color of the rainbow at this point, from pastel to neon, and I definitely had a minor freak out when I got word that rainbow lashes were becoming a thing. Based on this, it’s really no surprise to anyone that knows me that I would be super enthusiastic (to say the least) about M.A.C’s new Dare Hue! Brow Pencils that just launched last week, as part of the beauty brand’s new Soft Serve Collection.

    I’ve had the luxury of playing with these for a few weeks now, and let me just say, it’s been pretty fun. Whether it’s a touch of golden glimmer or a soft pop of pastel pink or lavender, M.A.C has satisfied my need to play around with my brow color easily without doing anything permanent.

    Being that my brows are naturally super dark, the result is a sheer pastel tint, which is subtle enough to get away with wearing on a daily basis. However, I do envy natural blondes with barely-there brows, because I would imagine the colors look much more vibrant on them. I suppose I’ll just have to bleach my brows next…

    While these may not be for everyone (I suppose some people may have jobs where mint chocolate chip colored eyebrows are deemed inappropriate), they’re a great product to experiment with during the summer—and, of course, are much less drastic than dying your hair. Your parents and significant others will certainly approve.

    Each shade is available for $16.50 a pop on Click through the gallery below to get a closer look at each.

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