This Bonkers-Ass Trailer Starring Macaulay Culkin Will Change You

what is this, mac?

Macaulay Culkin continues to confound and delight in the new trailer for former Moldy Peaches frontman Adam Green’s upcoming DIY head-scratch epic, Adam Green’s Aladdin. It’s your must-watch bushel of weirdness for the day.

Now, please, take all your expectations about any connection with the Disney film of similar name, put them in a basket, and set that basket on fire. Along the lines of Green’s 2011 iPhone-filmed extravaganza, The Wrong Ferrari, this particular take on the timeless tale of genies and flying carpets promises to be surreal, satirical, awkward, and wonderfully bonkers in a not-at-all-G-rated way. As Green himself says, “It’s my own version of Aladdin wherein the lamp is a 3D printer, the princess is a decadent socialite like a Kardashian, and the planet gets a sex change.” Yep. Okay. Gotcha.

Green also says, “It’s a feature film, it’s a soundtrack album, it’s a massive NYC community art-project, and it’s going to be a world tour that will begin in spring of this year!” To that end he’s listed a cast of notables such as, yes, frequent collaborator Culkin and local favorite Alia Shawkat (both appeared in The Wrong Ferrari). Other names include Zoë Kravtiz, Natasha Lyonne, Devendra Banhart, Har Mar Superstar, Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT, Regina Spektor, and Little Joy’s Binki Shapiro and Rodrigo Amarante. It’s a hell of a party.

Truly, the cardboard sets and DIY production style of the film are—as with past Green projects—amazing and you should definitely read up on the funding and touring of this wonderful, bizarre monster of a project. Suddenly, The Pizza Underground doesn’t seem odd in the slightest.