Macaulay Culkin Launched A Goop-Meets-‘The Onion’ Lifestyle Site

It’s called Bunny Ears. and we’re obsessed

The world doesn't need a new celebrity lifestyle website. What the world needs is a parody celebrity lifestyle website, and Macaulay Culkin is here to provide it.

Bunny Ears launched this month with editor Shawn DePasquale at the helm. It is, as Culkin described to Jimmy Fallon, what happens when Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop intersects with The Onion. Bunny Ears comes with all the trappings of a lifestyle site, like beginner's guides to things, celebrity interviews, and horoscopes. There is even a podcast and a YouTube channel to go along with it. The Onion part comes in with franchises, like this It Happened To Me-type article, "I Told Everyone I Was Armie Hammer For A Month: Here's My Story," and gems of food content, like "Tide Pod Recipes For The Depressed."

"There’s a hole in the ‘celebrity lifestyle’ articles market, and we’re filling it with fun, unique satire," Culkin tells Dazed. "Long story short: Buy low, sell high." It's a humorous and informational approach to life that makes this jaded soul's heart sing. Oh, there's an e-shop, too, complete with a Satanic bunny tee and a $37,000 lock of Culkin's own hair. Fans of tongue-in-cheek but sincere lifestyle news, Bunny Ears is a must-bookmark. And hey, if you're looking to get into the writing business, shoot an email. According to DePasquale, it's "still a working address and gets checked regularly." Hop to it.