our aptly titled drinking game for the premiere.

by ray siegel

The sixth season of Mad Men premieres on AMC this Sunday night and only time will tell what sort of plot twists are in store for us: Will Betty lose the baby weight? Will Don remain faithful to Megan or return to his cheating ways? Is baby Gene no longer a baby? Will Peggy return to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce? Or has the firm been renamed Sterling Cooper Draper Holloway since Joan became a partner? And how many more people will punch Pete Campbell in the face? We may know very little after season five's cliffhanger, but one thing is certain: So many rounds of scotch on the rocks will be had by everyone (except for baby Gene). That calls for a new drinking game, so grab your tumbler glass and take a sip every time...

1. Someone punches Pete Campbell in the face.

2. Betty calls Don to complain about one of their children.

3. Someone in the office confuses Don with his assistant, Dawn.

4. Megan speaks or sings in French.

5. Someone removes their shoes before going into Bert Cooper's office.

6. Someone cries during a market research experiment.

7. Someone mentions the words "Lucky Strike."

8. Or "Mohawk Airlines."

9. Or "Secor Laxatives."

10. And every time Kiernan Shipka aka Sally Draper gives someone lip. That kid has the right attitude!

Be aware that the season six premiere is a two-hour long special, so we couldn't forgive ourselves if our drinking game didn't come with this message: drink responsibly. And please put your own Mad Men predictions in the comments section below!