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    by · April 14, 2014

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    Welcome to our brand new, Monday Mad Men recaps! Obviously spoilers are all over this article, so if you haven’t yet watched episode one... just stop reading now. Season seven picks up two months after season six ended, some things have changed, and some things never will. Don’s still on hiatus, feeding his ideas to Freddy Rumsen, who’s freelancing around town as Don’s mouthpiece. Peggy’s got a new Don in her life who’s just trying to make due while she’s trying to make Don’s ideas (that she’s getting via Freddy) into realities and getting frustrated every step of the way. Megan has moved to LA to pursue her acting career that seems on the cusp of success (though isn’t that were it was last season?), while her fellow LA compatriots, Pete and Ted, are having very different experiences: loves it, hates it, respectively. Roger has joined some sort of sex cult, while Joan is moving up the ranks into a power playing position. Get all the details we’re obsessing over in the slideshow, and don’t forget to tell us your theories (about Bob Benson, obvs) on Twitter and Facebook.
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