Maddie Ziegler And Chloe Sevigny Team Up For ‘Lucky Thirteen’

angst at its finest

As the star of Sia’s music video trilogy and soon-to-be feature film, Maddie Ziegler is no ordinary pre-teen. Still, even global sensations feel their fair share of teenage angst. Instead of piercing her body or committing some grand act of rebellion, to celebrate her 13th birthday, Ziegler dances her growing pains out in the new short film, Lucky Thirteen. Made by i-D and directed by London-based film producer Bunny Kinney, the short is accompanied by a narration of Lesley Arfin’s Dear Diary by former '90s teen it-girl Chloë Sevigny. In dreamy '70s outfits, the clip guides Ziegler into teenagedom, and serves to drum up a healthy dose of nostalgia for those of us who have made it past those seminal years.

(via i-D)