This New Maddie Ziegler Dance Video Will Save Your Day

sia’s number one dancer to the rescue

Well this is just a pirouette for the soul, isn’t it? Dance Moms alumna and superstar Sia collaborator Maddie Ziegler has just dropped a brand-new dance video on us. As you might have guessed, it’s giving us all kinds of life right now.

Ok, yes, it is an advertisement. But, friends, this is such a good advertisement. More than just balletic and beautiful, the two minute-plus spot for Capezio dance shoes and clothing has a message all its own. 

Starting off as a normal day down at the dance studio, Ziegler joins her more conservatively dressed young colleagues at the barre. Just a few plies in, though, she’s off on her own, doing exactly the sort of moves that got her recognition for "Chandelier." Chaos, as you might expect, breaks out. Soon, though, something magical happens. It’s one of those little parables about finding success by going your own way that we all need to see sometimes. Maybe you need to see it too—like now.