Madi Diaz Straight Up

a #tbt we can sing along to.

by liza darwin

Prepare your ears...because Madi Diaz is going to give you Paula Abdul like you've never seen her before. The singer and songwriter has taken Abdul's '80s hit "Straight Up" and injected the dance jam with her own heartfelt vibes. She's slowed it down, stripped it of the electronic backbone, and drenched the song in a twangy melody that's much better suited for swaying alone in your bedroom than turning up at #daclub.

If you've seen Diaz perform the cover during one of her live shows, then we don't have to remind you that this is a track that practically radiates a quiet power from the stage. And luckily, the same holds true for the singer's new video.

Watch our exclusive premiere below--let's be real, you probably already know all the words. Then, get more Madi Diaz with her new single "Stay Together" off her forthcoming LP Phantom, out September 30.