new york boys rock out on a rooftop. we dance.

by liza darwin

Judging from our recent band crushes like Skaters and Drowners, there's definitely no shortage of New York dude groups making waves in the downtown music scene. But clearly there's always room for one more...which brings us to the latest group on the radar, Mainland.

Since initially meeting at a roof party back in 2010, these four guys have crafted their special blend of happy-go-lucky guitar pop, surfer melodies, and a hazy, laid-back vibe. You might pick up hints of everyone from The Rolling Stones to The Smith Westerns to The Strokes in their EP Girls Unknown (out now). And yeah, that's definitely a good thing. 

Considering the band's beginnings, it makes complete sense that their new video for "Wasted" takes place--where else?-- on a Brooklyn rooftop. Not just any afternoon rock 'n roll sesh, this one features head-swinging tunes and a mysterious rainstorm--plus plenty of picturesque cityscapes. It might only be Tuesday, but it's never too early to get excited for the weekend. So get a jump start and watch the exclusive premiere below!

Listen to more Mainland and check out upcoming shows here