Video: See Maisie Williams Play A Freakin’ Viking On Doctor Who!

that’s right, arya’s a viking.

Ah, when geek worlds collide, right? As we’ve known for some time now, our YouTube queen Maisie (“Arya Stark”) Williams, is playing a role in an upcoming episode of Brit sci-fi establishment Doctor Who. Now, thanks to the BBC, we’ve got more details and—as you can see above—video documentation of her performance. Oh, and guess what: She’s playing a Viking. 

Specifically, Williams is portraying “Ashildr,” a young Viking woman with Viking hair who’s trying to help her Viking friends out of a very non-Viking situation involving space-tech doors and the Doctor’s wonderful assistant, Clara (Jenna Coleman). Other than that, we don’t know much, except that we’d love to see her face-off with current Doctor Peter Capaldi and his "attack eyebrows."

For more, check out this on-set interview with Williams and a full preview of the Doctor Who episode, “The Girl Who Died,” below. 

(via MTV)