Maisie Williams Is Badass In Her New Movie ‘The Falling’

watch a clip from ‘the falling’

by jenny lee

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams appears to have a penchant for dark themes. Aside from playing a surviving character on a show that is known for killing people off like flies, Williams also is playing a role as a rebellious figure in her new film, The Falling.

The film is set at an English all-girls' school in 1969, and an eerie series of fainting spells within the community hints at darker secrets. In an interview with Vulture, Williams said of the movie, "It's a bit twisted and has this dark, eerie undertone, while at the same time having a beautiful innocence to it. My character is a teen struggling to define herself and what role she plays amongst her group of friends, which is an issue I think we've all had to deal with in school, and even after."

In what appears to be a crucial scene in the movie, which you can view over at Vulture, Williams defiantly speaks out against figures of authority, urging her female classmates to "fight for the truth" and "kill the system." The clip is short but is still incredible powerful and badass, because honestly, what else do expect from Arya Stark?

Watch the trailer below, then head over to Vulture to watch the exclusive clip.