How To Make The Most Of Your Last Summer Before College

    Our guide to preparing yourself for college

    by Jenna Igneri · June 08, 2016

    Illustrated by Liz Riccardi

    The time between accepting your high school diploma and packing up your car with dorm supplies is a crucial moment in your life. This very well may be the last summer of complete freedom that you'll you have.

    Summer internships and coursework will most likely be a part of your new college life, so it’s important that you make the most of this time and prepare yourself for what lies ahead. These next two to three months before move-in day are expected to be filled with a mix of emotions—excitement for the new things to come, but also a bit of nervousness (and maybe even anxiety) about leaving behind your family, friends, and the familiarity of home.

    Don’t let these nerves get to you! There are a number of things you should do to prepare yourself for your new life as a college student (and don’t worry, none of them involve any studying) and make the most of the free time you do have.

    We made a list of tips to help prepare you for the next chapter of your education (and life). Click through the gallery below to read on.

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