converse takes a dip.

by faran krentcil

Whether you're getting it from a salon like Bleach London or a container like Manic Panic, dip-dyed hair is nothing new. But the clever folks at Converse have taken the fad seen on celebs like Kate Bosworth, models like Charlotte Free, and every musician with a Top 10 iTunes Single, and turned it into a sneaker. See what dip dyed hair extensions looked like at The Met Ball! The new Converse Dip-Dye Chuck Taylor comes in red, blue, and purple rinses, and features tie-dyed laces to match the shoes. The high top's canvas is dunked in color - not printed - so no two shoes are alike. And they cost $70, which is about the going rate for a salon dip-dye, too. (Just in case you want your ponytail to match your kicks...) Converse Dip-Dye Chuck Taylor High Tops, $70 online and in-stores