making scents

should your nail polish smell like perfume?

by liza darwin

As anyone who's passed through the drugstore beauty section can attest, scented nail polishes aren't exactly new or groundbreaking (after all, Revlon's been doing it for years). But up until now, this quirky niche product has been restricted to kiddie smells like bubblegum and fruity grape.

However, thanks to our latest beauty discovery, TuffScent, we've found a way to get an aromatic manicure without our hands smelling like we've just gone on a candy binge.

Founded by a Nevada mom and daughter duo, this recently relaunched line of polishes comes in dozens of new shades and fragrances, from basic red to glittery silver (we tried the rose-smelling shimmery midnight blue) . But instead of an overwhelming sugary scent, we got whiffs of more subtle grown-up tones like rose, lily, ocean breeze, and more. They're definitely noticeable, but not so much so that everyone will think you OD'ed on perfume.

And the best part? Each fragrance only lasts around 24 hours- meaning, you don't have to change your polish as soon as you get sick of the smell. Talk about sweet.

Buy them here.

"Dream" (Gardenia)

"Explore" (Plumeria)

"Love" (Rose)

"Stardust" (Ocean breeze)

"Wisteria" (Wisteria)