OPI x Coca Cola

crack open a new kind of bottle.

If we're to believe the adverts, all we need on a hot summer day is a cold, refreshing bottle of Coca-Cola. Those claims aren't scientifically and/or statistically-backed, so we can't say whether or not they're 100% true. What we can say, though, is that the newest Coca-Cola line, facilitated by OPI, delivers on the brand's promise to deliver "happiness in a bottle."

The line introduces nine new shades, all inspired by Coca-Cola products like Sprite, Fanta, and every flavored soda you could possibly imagine, in both nail laquer and GelColor formulas. The polishes aren't what you would consider "summery," aside from the so-aptly named "You're So Vain-illa" and "Sorry I'm Fizzy Today," but they are staple shades to add to your collection. 

The collection is now available at beauty retailers by the bottle, as well as the Coca-Cola 10 Pack of Style, comprised of eight mini bottles, mini OPI Top Coat, and Original Nail Envy.

All nine OPI x Coca-Cola shades

"Coca-Cola Red" (Coca-Cola)

"You're So Vain-illa" (Vanilla Coke)

"Sorry I'm Fizzy Today" (Vanilla Coke)

"Get Cherried Away" (Cherry Coke)

"My Signature is 'DC'" (Diet Coke)

"Today I Accomplished Zero" (Coke Zero)

"Green On the Runway" (Sprite)

"A Grape Affair" (Fanta Grape)

"Orange You Fantastic!" (Fanta Orange)