mani monday: the change-up

switch up your nail polish color in an instant.

by rebecca willa davis

Changing up your nail polish is a task must of us are--let's admit--too lazy to do on the regular. Sure, we'll paint our toes every Sunday night while catching up on TV, but applying a new color every day, or even every hour? Don't think so.

Which is part of the reason why we've been obsessing over In The Mood. The nail polish brand known for their color-changing shades is back with not one but three new bottles for summer.

The formula is affected by temperature, so jumping in the pool might set it off, or walking into an air conditioner-less room could too. Even as you apply it, you might see some changes; because nail beds and nail tips are different temperatures, it gives you a French manicure-esque look. Pretty cool, especially considering you don't have to take the extra time to get it.

The three shades come in an icy lemon-green, a shimmery baby blue, and a soft periwinkle. At least, that's how they start--where they end up is all a matter of how much you like to heat things up.

Pick up your own bottle for $8 each right here.

In The Mood polish in Loved

In The Mood polish in The Blues

In The Mood polish in Envious