ysl brings us the beauty world equivalent of a lava lamp.

by rebecca willa davis

There are many reasons to die for Yves Saint Laurent's La Laque Couture Tie and Dye polishes.

For one thing, it's the concept: a shimmer lacquer you can either apply as a "pop coat" (that is, layered over another shade) or apply alone to give nude nails a glittery shine.

For another, it's the whole tie-dye concept. We are suckers for anything swirled or shibori'd, especially come summer.

But what really got us is just how amazing the bottle looks. Each of the four hues--coral, raspberry pink, deep purple, and cobalt blue--settles into this amazing gradation, going from shimmer to opaque to a tinted sheer like a pop art Rothko painting. Though you're supposed to shake up the bottle before you apply each coat, we spent the weekend playing around with them and found that if you carefully pull the brush out and slowly roll it over your nail (from side to side rather than towards the edge) you get a subtle ombre effect.

But if you decide to get them just for lining up along your bathroom shelf, like the beauty version of a lava lamp, we totally wouldn't judge.

The YSL La Laque Couture Tie and Dye polishes are $25 each.