the designer goes wild with his newest accessories.

by nylon

There are so many reasons to love Marc Jacobs, but here's one we realized today: No matter how high-fashion he may be, the designer never takes himself too seriously. Let's remember: While Karl Lagerfeld seems unaware of the caricature he's become, Jacobs tattooed a freaking SpongeBob on his body. We came to that conclusion when we saw his new iPhone cases. They're all different animals--from a lovestruck Boston terrier to a different-sized eye owl--with ears to match. Also? Names. Really funny names (Julio the zebra, Pickles the dog). They're cute in an irreverent way--and would make us like you even if you pulled them out from the Marc Jacobs fall '12 bag we've been eyeing. And if said bag had one of his new, matching USB keychains attached to it? Expect a high five from us. Because fashion doesn't always have to be so serious.

Order your iPhone cases ($48) and USB keychains ($42) here.