mark mcmorris

We chat with the 20-year old Olympian that’s shredding on the slopes…

by Christian Lavery

Yes, we know. We’re in the middle of summer. It’s hot. You’re sweating. And a couple inches of snow couldn’t be a more distant (and possibly unsettling) memory. So we get it if snowboarding isn’t on your mind at this very moment. We can’t say the same for Burton, though.

Unveiling its latest collection of fall and winter threads just this past week at Milk Studios, the entire line looked amazing. Not only that, but amidst checking out all the versatile gear that we’ll be bundling up in come the first sign of cold weather, Burton brought out a few of its professional athletes to join in the celebration--one of whom happen to be Mark McMorris.

Winning a bronze medal for Canada at the 2014 Winter Sochi Olympics and nabbing plenty more medals at the X Games throughout the years, the 20-year old has become a household name in the slopestyle and big air events. As a result, a quick chat accompanied by our five questions was in order.

Do you have some early memories of snowboarding and being on the slopes?Well, I grew up in a small, small place in Canada called Saskatchewan. It’s really cold during the winter and has short, hot summers. I started skateboarding the summer when I was four. The summer was over so fast and I remember thinking what I was going to do all winter long that was similar. My mom took me and my brother out to the mountain and for the first time ever I went snowboarding. Its been 15-years or so of shredding since.

How was it competing in the Olympics. Do the X Games compare to that at all?When it comes to action sports you think of the X-Games. That’s basically the biggest thing in action sports. And then you think of sports in general and you're like what’s the biggest thing in sports? It’s the Olympics. The magnitude it holds in representing your country is a pretty special thing to be a part it.

What's an average day like for you?During the winter time, from November until May, its pretty much wake up, shred, gym, chill. Just take care of the body. Train your body for less injuries. In the summer, It's roughly every other day. I skate and surf, and try to see all my friends I don’t get to see during a hectic season.

What posters were hanging on your wall in High School?Definitely a lot of skate and surf posters.

What was the first album you bought?I can't really remember to be honest. But I my favorite one I bought in recent memory was Jesus Piece by The Game.

What are you listening to while you ride?I don't listen to anything when I'm competing. Before my competitions I'l listen to hip-hop. When I'm just cruising on the slope with my friends or something I throw on some bluegrass or hip-hop. It's easy to listen to any time, really.

What was the best or worst advice you ever received?The best was probably don’t drink the water in Sochi [laughs]. We were so paranoid about it that we brushed our teeth with bottled water. You’re doing anything to try to not get sick on the biggest stage.

Do you have a most memorable fan moment?Yeah! I have some of the coolest fans. After getting home from Sochi I had to go straight to Toronto to do a media tour. Somehow they had found out I had to do a morning show at like five in the morning. I had fans waiting outside with like coffee and donuts. It was awesome.

What was the first live show you went to?I was spoiled. I think it was The Rolling Stones when they played in my hometown.