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omg! mary-kate and ashley share their makeup tips!

by steff yotka

Everyone stay calm. This is not a drill. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have actually sat down with the editors at Byrdie and divulged their beauty secrets. OMG! OMG! So here's what we know: They prefer brown eyeliner over black, often mix Nirvana Black and Nirvana White, their favorite mascara is YSL, and on days off they swear by Brave Soldier Lip Defender ("It's more like skincare for your lips than a lip balm," Mary-Kate told Byrdie.) So, yeah, time to head to Sephora and buy up all the products MK and A are using. (Byrdie

Gia Coppola and her mom made "I <3 James Franco" T-shirts. Can we have, like, seven please?! It's the only thing that will make the wait for Palo Alto's release easier. (@mastergia Instagram)

Madewell presented their fall collection yesterday and Hide your credit card before looking at the pictures in the gallery because there's no way you'll be able to restrain yourself from calling up and pre-ordering the pointed loafer, white denim, and printed totes. It's just not humanly possible. (Fashionista)

Uniqlo has partnered with the Museum of Modern Art on a line of clothing adorned with works by famous artists called SPRZ NY. (Pronounced "surprise NY.") So hurry up and get your Andy Warhol tee or Jean Michel Basquiat tote here! (Uniqlo)

Wait, wait, wait. Are the Spice Girls reuniting?! Mel C (AKA Sporty Spice, AKA our spring '14 style icon) dropped a hint of a possible reunion to the Daily Mail, noting that Posh--er, Victoria Beckham isn't into the idea. (

Enter a daydream nation with Barton Perreira's new short film! Set on a beach and filled with the brand's covetable sunglasses it is the easiest way to pretend today is July. Watch it below. (Vimeo)

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Madewell fall '14

Madewell fall '14

Madewell fall '14

Madewell fall '14