MARZ LÉON Made An Unapologetic Anthem For The Brokenhearted

Watch her new music video

Even though she is currently based in the City of Angels, MARZ LÉON views herself as an "alien native." Inspired by the dark side, the loner makes music that is both menacing and enticing. Three months ago, the singer-songwriter shared a new single produced by Kanye West collaborator Charlie Handsome titled "ANOMALY."

Today, we are premiering the brand new music video for "SOREE," which LÉON directed, edited, and styled herself. The slow-burning track was written and produced by Jamil "Digil" Chammas, and came to Leon when she was going through a breakup, so it hit her where it often hurts the most: the heart. But as it turns out, heartbreak can make for a hit. The smoldering track is a masterful balancing act of feels and fire, just slow-paced enough to let those gut-wrenching lyrics simmer against an infectious, metal-tinged, ticking beat.

"I wanted the video to have a lot of emotion," she told us in an email. "I envisioned it displaying how much I put into that relationship at the time. How I gave to someone a piece of me, which is very hard to give to anyone; I watched it get used, treated other than it's worth, and torn apart. "

This summer, LÉON is expected to release her long-awaited EP. Watch the drama unfold, below.