Matt Corby Monday Live Music Video

moving, impassioned, and totally calming

There’s an allure to the woods. There’s an allure to living “deliberately” and slowing down time a little. It’s a theme that wins Pulitzer Prizes, is taught in the literary cannon, and piques the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ interests. Yet, when a musician goes off into the woods, it’s hardly spoken of. We know Justin Vernon’s For Emma, Forever Ago, but often forget it was more or less recorded in the Wisconsin woods. Australian singer-songwriter Matt Corby isn’t going to let that happen.

His newest single, “Monday,” was recorded in a cottage on the side of a mountain in Berry, Australia. The soul-folk track is fueled by the bliss that’s found in complacency. He recorded it without the use of any instruments outside of his body. (That boom you hear are stomps.) As sort of homage to the process, he returned to the cabin and recreated the song live, in one take. The result is nothing short of stirring.

Check Matt Corby out on tour:

  • January 22 at The Crocodile in Seattle, WA
  • January 25 at Telegram Ballroom in Los Angeles, CA
  • January 29 at The Great Hall in Toronto, CA
  • February 2 at Bowery Ballroom in New York, NY