13 Jaw-Dropping Emeralds To Celebrate May Birthdays

The only gifts you’ll want to give (ahem, receive) this month

Another month, another birthstone. While last month’s April babes have the luxury of calling the diamond their stone, May birthdays are represented with the gorgeous and vibrant emeralds.

A symbol of hope and lasting love, the emerald is considered the sacred stone of Venus. Sometimes referred to as the Stone of Successful Love, this healing gem is thought to open and nurture both the heart and the heart chakra, promoting everything from relationship balance to domestic bliss and stronger friendships. Back in ancient Egypt, the emerald was also considered a symbol of eternal life and was allegedly a favorite of Cleopatra herself.

An added bonus? It’s also thought to help soothe the eyes and alleviate any eye illness or discomfort, which will come in handy once those pesky May allergies start to burden us.

In honor of this new month, we rounded up our favorite emerald jewelry to celebrate those upcoming May birthdays. Forget the classic birthstone studs we got our ears pierced for in the fifth grade—now, we’re all about rocking something a bit more interesting and off-kilter. An ear cuff or chain choker, perhaps?

Click through the gallery below to check out our picks. Consider this the ultimate gift guide for all those Taurus and Gemini cusp soirees you have coming up.

Photo courtesy of Amarilo

Amarilo, Emerald Ear Pin, $250, available at Amarilo.

Photo courtesy of Erica Weiner

Erica Weiner, Rough Gem Cuff, $145, available at Erica Weiner.

Photo courtesy of Jennie Kwon

Jennie Kwon, Emerald Evolution Earring, $480, available at Jennie Kwon.

Photo courtesy of Tara 4779

Tara 4779, Arc Emerald Ring, $390, available at Tara 4779.

Photo courtesy of Wwake

Wwake, Counting Collection Three-Step Emerald And Diamond Necklace, $498, available at Wwake.

Photo courtesy of Shopbop

Jennifer Meyer, 18k Gold Thin Emerald Ring, $175, available at Shopbop.

Photo courtesy of Alison Lou

Alison Lou, “E” Enamel Stack Square, $715, available at Alison Lou.

Photo courtesy of Barneys

Loren Stewart, Empress Necklace, $595, available at Barneys.

Photo courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Meira T, Emerald and 14K Yellow Gold Beaded Chain Link Bracelet, $355, available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Photo courtesy of Catbird

Catbird, Chained To My Heart Earring in Emerald, $90 per stud, available at Catbird.

Photo courtesy of Farfetch

Lizzie Mandler, 18k Gold And Emerald Floating Lariat Necklace, $688, available at Farfetch.

Photo courtesy of Scosha

Scosha, Cat Eye Emerald And Diamond Stud Earrings, $470, available at Nordstrom.

Photo courtesy of Farfetch

Giselle for Eshvi, May Ring, $1100, available at Farfetch.