Mean Girls Throwback Thursday

“i hear she does car commercials… in japan.”

by grace van vranken

This #throwbackthursday holds a lot of importance here at the NYLON offices. Not only is it Gwen Stefani's, Ashlee Simpson's, and ASAP Rocky's birthdays (each a major #tbt moment in their own right), but it is also the first time Aaron Samuels spoke to Cady Heron in math class! We're talking about in the seminal teen flick, 

Mean Girls

, obvs.

No matter which group in the cafeteria (varsity jocks, desperate wannabes, burnouts, the greatest people you will ever meet, or the worst) you fit into, today is definitely a day to celebrate. Since October 3rd only happens once a year why not treat yourself to a toaster strudel, put your hair in a ponytail (unless you already wore one this week, duh) and maybe your very own Aaron Saumels will stop by after school to help you with you calculus homework. However you choose to spend your day "don't let the haters stop you from doin' your thang."