Mean Tweets

the olsens’ hard and fast hair rules.

by liza darwin

Mary-Kate Olsen's #1 beauty rule? NO more than five bobby pins. Oh, and dry shampoo. (The Coveteur

Chloe Moretz responds to everyone who says she's "too pretty to play Carrie." (The Hollywood Reporter) 

Mindy Kaling on what beauty product she uses when she "feels really successful and like I have my shit together." (Byrdie)

This "Mean Tweets" video, starring everyone from Selena Gomez to Katy Perry to Lil Wayne, is amazing. Just in time for the Kanye vs. Jimmy Kimmel feud, watch below to see celerities reading virtual hatemail. (EntertainmentWise

Uniqlo rolls out a DIY hair page so we can now coordinate our fishtail braids with our Peter Pan collars. Win-win! (Refinery29)

These camo penny loafers might technically be for boys, but we want 'em too. (NYLON Guys)