media pocket hoodie by fruit of the loom BEST

This isn’t like any other hoody you own…

by Josh Madden

A hoodie, is a hoodie, is a hoodie, is a hoodie...but what if there's just one little thing about said hoodie that changes everything? Let's go back and hit you with this question real quick: Have you ever stepped out of the house in your saturday sweatsuit best and realized all of your pockets are too loose-- fitting to hold a phone and/or wallet? Like, real question: Where does EDM/ #RealFeels wunderkind @RyanHemsworth put his Sour Patch kids when he steps up to the CDJs IRL? Last question: How many times have you plopped down in your driver's seat or in a cab and heard that awful sound of your phone leaving your pocket and sliding under the seat?

Replacing a lost phone can cost upward of $400 but don't sweat it (pun intended). This sweatshirt is under $15, and its little media pocket is going to change everything. With reinforced seams and a no-rub collar, this bad boy is everything you've ever wanted in a hoodie. Wanna wear your no-pocket swim trunks? No problem, throw your phone and wallet in the media pocket! Wanna wear your old pocketless shorts? Media pocket got you covered. Loose change, no pocket? No problemo...this new hoodie from Fruit of the Loom's BEST collection is your new best friend. Get one online HERE or get all 7 colors available in Wal Mart everywhere!