Melty Misfits Are the Perfect Give for Absolutely Everyone

All of your holiday shopping troubles are officially over.more

Renowned street artist Buff Monster recently rolled out Series 2 of his Melty Misfits trading cards, and if there's someone on your list who wouldn't be over-the-moon thrilled to receive wax-paper-wrapped pieces of cardboard featuring colorfully rendered blob-like characters inspired by those Garbage Pail Kids of yore, it's probably time to cut that person out of your life. Seriously.

Buff funded this series of Melty Misfits cards via Kickstarter, and as the Hundreds reports, he more than quadrupled his $10,000 ask, hauling in $41,480.

In addition to selling four-packs of Melty Misfits cards, unopened boxes, storage binders, and T-shirts, the artist is offering up uncut Series 2 proof sheets for $75. Printed on both sides of bright white poster paper, these killer keepsakes feature all 90 cards Buff designed for the series.

Just think how great it'll look hanging in grandma's dining room.